Utility Engineering Company
Specialising in PE Pipework Fusion Jointing

ProWeld PE Limited is a specialist utility engineering company based in west central Scotland.

We specialize in polyethylene (PE) pipework fusion jointing for LPG gas installations, fire mains, water service pipework, and much more.

With decades of experience in connecting properties to services, our highly skilled and qualified people know the importance of getting you connected, working safely and making sure your installation is achieved using the best high-quality products. Our knowledge and experience ensure you get first-class service and a professional installation every time.

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What We Do

Although we’re experts in PE fusion pipework, we can provide a range of expert services to give you the high-quality installation, repair or replacement service you need.

  • LPG gas works
  • PE fusion pipework
  • Water main testing
    and chlorination
  • Lead water pipe
  • Water

Why choose ProWeld PE Limited?

Specialist installations need specialist knowledge, so why would you call anyone else? Our expertise have been gained through decades of providing services to satisfied clients and our specialist engineers will make sure you get the professional installation or repairs you need.

Whether you’re in an urban setting or a rural landscape, we can advise and provide the best possible installation for your needs.

Contact us today to discuss what you need and how we can assist.

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Contact us today to discuss what you need
and how we can assist.

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